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Toy Box

Ladies, have you ever had a guy get jealous of your toys? Men, do you wish your girls would play with more toys?

TB1I guess I’ve been on both sides. I’ve had guys buy me my own personal toy box, with regular contributions made on both sides.

Some of them didn’t work out so well. I had one guy who thought he knew what to do with a riding crop. Yes, I love my pain, but not the type where the metal is getting slammed into my clit.  Again, I prefer the pretty marks left upon my skin.

Don’t worry, I will keep this relatively painless – or normal – whatever that is.

Boys, er…men, it is totally ok for your girl to get off on something other than your fingers, tongue, or cock. Besides, if you’re away for more than 3-days (1-day in my case), wouldn’t you prefer she used BOB?

Ladies…let’s bring some spark back into the bedroom. I think it’s fun watching your guy work harder, if he knew that he wasn’t pleasing you all the way. I mean, seriously, 2-thrusts and pfffffft…fizzle. We’re left wanting for more and he’s already sawing logs on the other side of the bed.

REALLY???? I’ve had a couple of guys leaving me wanting more, and I had no problem finishing myself off, much to their chagrin.

So let’s put away those Altoids and focus on cheaper means.

Ice: used for oral on both sides and to make nipples hard as shit. Makes it easier to nibble or bite those girls.

Mini massagers: you can find these in the pharmacy section of your local drug store. Used for tight muscles. Not in my case…that bitch stays in the car with me. Nothing like driving through construction sites and having an orgasm, with your windows down.

O-rings or tiny rubber bands: I’ve mentioned this before. Ladies…your men’s nipples are sensitive as well. They don’t like to admit it, but these can be used both ways.

Ropes or handcuffs:  I don’t particularly like the cold metal digging into my wrist bones, but I do have a true story. The first time I was arrested, I asked the cop how one gets comfortable in those things. His reply, “you don’t… however, if I must come out a 2nd-time, I’ll be sure to bring my fur lined cuffs.”

Totally inappropriate, but me being me, I giggled and thanked him AND I was allowed to ride in the front seat!

Hitachi wand:  OOOOOH EMMMMM GEEEEEEE…’nuff said

TB2Ben Wa Balls: not just used for sexual purposes. *GASP*. Also used to strengthen your kegel and pelvic floor muscles. Get some with a string attached, especially if you’re alone. It can be difficult removing those. If they did their job, things can be quite slickery.

Guys, play with your girls…ladies, allow them to.

You menfolk can still have total control with these things. The Hitachi wand was always used on me for forced orgasms and withholding orgasms. Same with everything I mentioned.

As I’ve said before, I shoot erotica. Some call it porn, but erotica is only capturing the facial expressions from getting off. My shit is for real. I often wonder how many wives know who to thank when their photog hubby comes home and has amazing sex with her.

One more thing, before I finish this off. I purchased a TENS unit for my back, and other purposes. I’ll update you on that contraption when I use it for my needs.

Until then, take a look around your house and have fun with some of those items. And remember, boiling water will get that stuff clean for next use.


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