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I write in the same manner in which I talk, regardless of how you feel about that, and how most people that I know (and YOU know if being honest) do as well – when within their normal, relaxed environment.

I have opinions on the same things that we all have opinions on, only you’re not gonna’ see them typed out and edited in the cookie-cutter pages of your favorite news and entertainment sites…that shit can be had anywhere.

I don’t like reading – or writing – in some horribly affected voice that isn’t me, and is ALWAYS exposed over time.

This “quality” has proven attractive to many…and repulsive to many more.



“In Plain Sight”                                        

“Thank You Donny”                                

“Deserved to Die”                                    

“Making the Cut”:                                    

“How To Save A Life”:                            

“In Hate We Trust”:                                

“The Sins of Ourselves”:                         

“Don’t Tell… ”:                                          

“Young… Black… Dead”:                         

“Hear Us… (if you can)”:                         

“The Scare”:                                               

“These Lives (sometimes?) Matter”:     

“Sometimes Everybody IS a Winner”:  

“Hand-Me-Down Hatred”:                      

“Real Men”:                                                

“How ‘Big’… ‘is Beautiful’?”:                   

“Tap, Tap, Tap… ”:                                    

“Not Touching THOSE Topics… ”:        

“I Called Him a ‘Faggot’”?:                      


“Humor and Courage”:                            

“18 Kids and… 1 Molester”:                     

“Freedom… ”:                                             

“My Grass is Tall”:                                     

“… the difference between… ”:                

“In It”:                                                          

“The Dragon”:                                             

“Just… Shut… Up”:                                    

“Bleeding Blue”:                                         

“Keeping Minds Small”:                           

“‘Real’ Women?”:                                       

“She Brought Me Lunch”:                        

“Friendship Fading”:                                 

“Identity ‘Crisis’?”:                                     

“Hide… In Your Shell”:                              

“Killing Our City”:                                       

“Better Than You”:                                      

“RESOLUTION: Don’t Be An Asshole”: 


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collage no names