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My writing is a method of release when a sudden intensity overwhelms me. I don’t have a specific technique or style. I just sit and let it all pour out. It is my means to rationalize my thoughts and sort out decisions and choices to be made.

I enjoy sharing what goes through my head because I know many can relate, but may have a difficult time letting those emotions flow. They know what they are felling, and I have the privilege to speak for them so those thoughts may come to life.

Call it therapeutic for everyone involved. I know how I express the things I witness and go through in life will inspire others to gain insight on any situation they can relate to, and help them cope or bring bliss; possibly even a much needed reality check regarding a pondering issue.

My intentions are to make people think and gain new perspectives on things afraid to be touched upon conversation wise. With an open mind, my knowledge and point of view may open your eyes.

Welcome inside my brain.


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collage no names