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Cougar Tales – “Movie Sex”

We have all seen it on the big screen and sat there watching and thinking to ourselves, “Really – people meet in a bar talk for like 5-min and then are fucking in the bathroom stall?

GL1When you’re young and do that, you’re a slut – but as I have grown into my own sexual freedom of being a Cougar, I like to refer to encounters like that as, the “Movie Sex” moments… which sound way better than being a slut.

My first movie sex moment was better than the movies.

In all of my Cougar Confidence I had actually met a guy at a bar – the bartender of course – he was a young, hot, Italian guy with gorgeous blue eyes and biceps the size of my thighs (he moonlighted as a bartender and did personal training during the day).

He was 24 and tired of the drunk girls his age hitting on him.  We struck up a very superficial conversation that evening and it ended with me giving him my number at 1:00-am.

Who really does that?  Or you meet a stranger across the crowded room and eye-fuck the shit out of them only to run into them later in the alley and hike up your dress and just take it, highly unlikely.

At 1:05-am, I received my first text from the Bartender who we will now refer to as “Flannigan” simply for the fact that Tom Cruise played that bartender Brian Flannigan, and he was hot – no other real connection – but I digress.

Flannigan had closed the bar and was wondering where I had gone – I simply stated that I was wondering around Soulard trying to figure out my next move.  Flannigan quickly suggested that I meet him at his house for a drink and we could figure things out together.

With no real plans and 3-buddies that had ditched me, I thought – “what the heck, he’s hot!!”

I arrived at Flannigan’s place about 10-minutes later.  Before leaving my vehicle, I decided to ditch my panties – I had on 4-inch heels and a short skirt, panties would just be in the way at this point.

I made my short walk down the city street and stopped in front of his house.

I walked up to the door and knocked – Flannigan opened the door in nothing but a pair of jeans, god his pecks were as toned and as huge as his biceps.  I would say my panties were soaked at this point, but I had none on.

Before Flannigan could make a move or invite me in or say a word for that matter, I made my move.

I grabbed his hands and pulled him out onto the front porch.  I put his hands on my ass and wrapped my leg around his waist.  It took Flannigan about 1.5-seconds to start kissing my neck and rubbing my ass, and about 3.5-seconds for me to feel his throbbing cock through his jeans up against my bare pussy.


As he was groping and grabbing me all over, I unbuttoned his pants and unleashed the beast.

My hand could barely hold onto it due to its massive size. Flannigan’s pants dropped to his ankles and my skirt went to my waist – with one high heeled foot on the ground and the other wrapped around his waist, Flannigan slipped his massive dick into my hot, wet pussy – right on the front porch .

He pushed me up against the front of the house and continued to thrust himself into me for a good 10-minutes.

I could feel my ass cheeks getting brick burn, but I didn’t care.  I could feel nothing but his massive dick in me and the heat from the front porch light making him sweat.

Flannigan then picked me up with his massive dick still in me and opened the door and walked me inside. He dropped me down on the couch and continued to thrust me for another 20-minutes.

There was sweat dripping off his brow, moans of sheer pleasure coming from me as he bit my neck and fucked me till I came, and not one word had been spoken this entire time, not even a “hello”.

And then the words came, “oh shit – my roommate is home- we have to sneak you out the back door.

Well good thing I still had on all my clothes and shoes and didn’t need to find my panties.  Flannigan quickly pulled up his pants and grabbed my arm and pulled me into the back part of his house, where he just said, “shhhh”.

As the front door opened, he opened the back door – he quietly whispered, “Don’t say a word please, just sneak out to the front, I’ll text you later”.

I snuck out the back and made sure the coast was clear and headed to my car unseen.  Funny part is, it never even dawned on me why we had to hide from his roommate – the whole experience of fucking on the porch and then quickly exiting the scene was so damn hot that I didn’t give it a second thought.


The next day I got a text verbatim from Flannigan, “Last night was so hot, sorry I had to rush you out – my roommate is my girlfriend, let’s do it again soon

OMG I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I replayed the “Movie Sex” encounter in my head as I deleted his number.

… because in my movies, this Cougar takes “Best Leading Actor in a Role”, not “Best Supporting Actor in a Role” – wink wink!!


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  1. Where is ginger now? Is she still on the prowl?

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