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Making America Great Again


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I was admittedly a huge skeptic about this whole “Make America Great Again” slogan, and especially the notion that it could be done under the “leadership” of a man who I am vehemently opposed to… but perhaps I’ve changed my tune.MAGA1

That statement alone may now re-endear me to old friends who I’ve apparently driven away for not buying into what I truly believe to be a racist, narcissistic, homophobic, compulsive-lying, misogynistic, sexually-assaulting, hateful joke of a disgusting asshole in the highest office in the land… but I’ve probably just taken care of that short-lived emotion within one paragraph.

My opinion aside of this man’s ethics, let alone his qualifications for the Presidency, do not change the fact that he is indeed accomplishing exactly what he set out to do in that “MAGA” vein – if not in the manner he had hoped.

No, his half-witted mentions of skirting our due process of law, the merits of a monarchy/oligarchy and the proposal of ridiculous tariffs have not only sent half of the country Googling these terms at an unprecedented rate so that they know what they now “support”, but have also blatantly displayed the hypocrisy of a great many who would’ve been losing their collective shit had some “libtard” social media “friend” of theirs even murmured such ideas, much less the previous administration.

Holy hell, can you even imagine if “the BLACK President” would have suggested as much??!

But let’s get back on track.

Where our egotistically-obsessed, disgusting representation of a Commander in Chief (sorry for mincing words) IS succeeding so greatly where some predecessors have not… is in awakening a nation.

Sure, he “empowered” a certain representation during his entire campaign, and right up through his unfortunate election and inauguration, but now he has roused “the others” – you know, those he so vehemently opposes, which was clearly not his intention… simply a beautiful byproduct.

Yep, if you’re paying attention, what you’re feeling is the “pulse” of a nation, and it’s growing more rapid and widespread by the day.

No, no, it’s not the seismic shift you may have felt when this buffoon first threw his toupee into the political ring, that was an entirely different vibe – that was a “tremor”, not a pulse.  You see, a tremor is created, maintained, intensified and controlled by fear, intimidation – and mostly – bullying and cowardice… while a “pulse” can be traced directly back to the heart.MAGA2

We find ourselves as a centuries old, “advanced” country who still regularly engages in radically divisive arguments over the “right” of two consenting, loving adults to enter into a legal union with the same acceptance as that of what is popularly deemed “traditional”.  We claim to be the “greatest country in the world” while making fun of adolescent survivors of a horrible massacre, and merely days or even hours after its occurrence.

So while you’re on a roll looking up “tariff” and “The Fourth Amendment”, go ahead and type in these exact letters for me and report back on your thoughts:

“C-I-V-I-L-I-Z-E-D” and “N-A-T-I-O-N”

I’ll wait… but here’s the good news – if you wait as well – I wholeheartedly believe that we’re heading that very direction.

We’re finding ourselves in one of those “shit or get off the pot” moments in history, and you can be left behind with your archaic thoughts of some Utopian, CAUCASIAN (yep I said it) society that is built with walls and biases, and you can do so cursing angrily down the empty halls of your loneliness, and eventually those orderlies dropping off your daily meal.

You can grow old and even more callous and you can isolate yourself from family and friends who I GUARANTEE will increasingly pop up more resembling of those “other” groups, than of the purebred, arrow-straight limbs of our antiquated family trees.

… or you can just choose empathy, and to love your fellow man – I tell you from experience that it’s SO much easier.

If you don’t or haven’t already had gay brothers and sisters, or biracial nieces, nephews, grandchildren and in-laws, allow me to burst your previously “untainted” bubble… it’s coming Bubba – and it’s beautiful.

This brings me back to that “pulse”, that “groundswell”, and that aforementioned moron in the White House – or should I more accurately say, Mar-a-Lago – who promised a greater America.

… and is delivering.

You’re seeing it weekly on your televisions and you’re reading it daily on your websites and social media feeds – and many of you fervently curse it… but IT IS HERE.  The marches, the town halls, the demand for recognition, for justice… the demand to just be noticed – and heard.

We have youth reminiscent of decades ago who are insistent on shaping a different future than what they are being adamantly force-fed, and they’re insistent on being recognized as a viable part of that very future, us old sons of bitches be damned.

We have women, youth, minorities and wonderfully homosexual and trans Americans who are loudly letting the old, white masses know that they are not going anywhere… they are – in fact – increasing. MAGA3

The media-fed horseshit of a “Tide Pod eating”, “entitled” generation, or multiple (that’s right) genders who refuse to have that held against them as human beings, as well as young and old women alike who are sick of just accepting that they should endure mistreatment, RAPE, less career advancement, less pay – and less dignity – is being blown up in our collective faces.

Make no mistake… it’s here… THEY ARE HERE!

And I for one am ecstatic at the potential opportunity of being lead into the future by a tidal wave of the marginalized… the LGBTQ … the female … THE YOUTH… who are increasingly governed by the heart – than I am by the status quo, “old white guy” who is continuously governed by hate, fear and the financial advancement of himself and his cronies.

This WILL indeed, “Make America Great Again”, and I thank you Mr. Trump… KMFP-out!


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