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Fantasies (EXPLICIT!!!)

Twenty years ago I had started banging this guy and, since it was so long ago, I can’t remember his name for the life of me, not that it’s important.

However, he left an impression on me that I have carried with me…

This one night, I had gone over there and did what we did best…FUCKED. We didn’t finish because his friends had come over, so he promised me that we’d finish later on.

We went out into the living room and smoked some Mary Jane, for medicinal purposes – of course – and just shot the shit. I stood up to go to the bathroom and was followed by two of his friends. They allowed me to pee, but then shut off the lights and started to manhandle me. I was a little confused and scared and A LOT high and started hollering for my fuck buddy.

BF1I finally got free and went to his bedroom where I told him “thanks for the help. Im outta here”.

I had made it to my car when he comes flying out of the house, butt-ass naked, put me over his shoulder and carried me into his room, while reminding me that we hadn’t finished.

By this time, I was laughing hysterically, and relaxed. Thank you MJ.

As he started fucking me up against the wall, his friends started filing in.  He looked at me and asked me if it was ok that they watched and I agreed, surprising myself.

As we carried on, his friends started moving closer to us, cock in hand.  Me, being me – always the helpful one – put my hands out to offer my assistance. I was now the star of this gang bang. I had cock all around me, one in each hand, one in my mouth and one fucking the living shit out of me, while one waited his turn on the side.

As they all took their turn, once they were to the point of release, they shoved it into my mouth and let me drink from them, greedily. By the time we finished, my pussy was aching and satisfied and my mouth was full of 5-guys’ cum.

This was my first experience into the world of fantasy… that was made into a reality before I ever fantasized about it. It just awes me because who would’ve thought lil’ ol’ dorky me would be pulled into this kind of sexual scene at this magnitude.

Not I.

As the years went on, more fantasies started to become reality because I made it so. I’ve got a fucked up mind and must rid myself of some of these before moving on.

My gang bang turned me into an exhibitionist. I’ve enjoyed the  fuck out of threesomes, been fucked in dark alleys, in the woods of state parks, in the boat in the middle of the lake and on that lonely island out there with boats sailing all around us.

I went on to my vampirism fetish. It’s pretty difficult to find someone whom you can trust and isn’t a pussy to allow you to drink his blood while he’s fucking you senseless, but not impossible. I’ve also opened myself up to the world of swinging, and have had oral, giving and receiving, in the middle of a dance room while total strangers watched.

Granted, I haven’t done any swinging with anyone, but I was there…does that count?

There are so many fetishes out there. Some are a bit taboo and some are just downright illegal, but as long as it doesn’t involve kids or animals…what’s stopping you from making it reality?

I will share with you two of mine that are remaining.

BF2The first one, I’ve held onto for so long, because well…once again…can’t find anyone to help a girl out on this one. I’ve always wanted to orgasm on a rollercoaster. I want to go upside down and squirt all over everyone.

Some of you say, “ew”, but some are thinking “yum”. Let’s face it, you are reading this and continue to follow theKMFP website.

My second one, which I just came up with last week while listening to the porn channel on SIRIUSFM, is to fuck while skydiving.

I googled that shit to see if it were possible…and guess what???? IT IS!!!!


Until the next time….DREAM BIG!


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