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Enclosure of the Soul


Written by – TJ Aguilera  (PROFILE/BIO:

You find someone you think is true, and fall in love with them. But the person has many walls built up. Try to reach through them and show how much you care, but the other is damaged and has a dark perception of the world. They don’t really show themselves.

ES1You’ve opened up and offered your heart as home. Although deep in the others mind, they realize how much love they are given; it doesn’t matter because their heart is too protected, but are happy knowing what‘s being given. They’re scared and resistant.

You love them so much. They became everything to you. At first looking to them as someone to make you happy, but ending up trying to be everything to make them happy instead. You lose yourself.

For some reason, as desperate as you attempt, they just can’t feel love and are floundering and unable to connect. It’s difficult to hold the hand inside someone who has yet to come to grips with themselves. They’re simply not ready; still blind. Sabotaging their own existence since they can’t see being lovable; so rejecting what’s offered.

That’s when you realize you will never get through to them, because they won’t let you in. They aren’t capable of loving back. What you thought was inside of them really isn’t there, but you love them anyway.

After it’s all said and done, you don’t think they knew how much you really wanted to care and how sincerely wanted to be the one to make them happy, and vice versa. They cause you nothing but hurt, but you love them for what and who they are; even being too broken and self-centered to appreciate being loved.

When you look at them you see nothing now because what you originally thought you saw doesn’t even really exist. This nothing becomes your truth. You have to remind yourself they can’t give back and are incapable of living up to expectations to even accept love.

They will never love another until they come to terms to love themselves.


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collage no names