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Cougar Tales (EXPLICIT) – “Who Is Your What?”


Written by – Ginger Lynn  (MORE “Cougar Tales”:

To say I’ve had some great Cougar sex over the past 3-years would be an understatement.  I have had some awesome adventures and some of the best sex of my life.  I have definitely fucked outside the box and been satisfied about 98% of the time.

GL1There is always that 2% of strange that just throws you for a loop.

I’ve realized that sex is really about turning the guy on, which on any given day is not hard to do.  Let’s face it, if your guy is happy, he’s hard – and if he’s hard – you should be happy. Easy concept, so with that, you let the guy take the lead and see what makes him hard and go with it 100%.

So on with my tale.  I have had a great fuck buddy who is 22 now for over the past year.  We tend to hook up about two or three times a month, and – in true fuck buddy fashion – it is never planned and always after 1-am.

He comes over, we fuck like porn stars, and he leaves; it has always been hot and seductive… until recently.

Let’s call my fuck buddy “Gino” for lack of a better name, and he is Italian – so seems fitting.  Gino has always called me “His MILF” and he refers to himself as, “My young stud” – again if this is what turns him on, so be it.

I get my normal 2:00-am text from Gino, and like always it starts with, “Hey what’s up?

I respond with my normal, “I’m guessing you” (I think I’m funny)

After seven minutes of mindless texting, he is on his way to my house to give it to me.  Gino and I have done this enough times in the last year that we don’t waste any time getting to business.

Gino walks into my room to find me in just a thong and stiletto heels, like I said – we don’t waste time and that’s what he likes.  I greet him at the door where he grabs me and picks me up and I wrap my legs around him.

We aggressively kiss and bite on each other’s lips like animals, Gino is rock hard within a minute and I can feel his dick pushing on me through his jeans.

I release my legs and in just a thong and stilettos I squat down and slowly unbutton his pants and drop them to his ankles.  I stand back up so I can massage his huge cock in my hand while Gino grabs a handful of my hair and says, “Suck my cock”.

GL2Like I said earlier, it’s about what turns HIM on, and talking dirty does it for Gino.  I proceed to take his boxers off and say, “oh yeah baby, I want that big cock down my throat”.

I drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth ‘til it’s so hard he has to fuck me.

Gino grabs my hair and pulls me up off of his dick; he turns me around and bends me over the bed.

You want this big cock?  Tell me how you want it?

Of course – knowing what is going to turn him on – I respond, “Oh I want your big dick, fuck me, fuck me good”.

… and that’s what Gino does best – he fucks the shit out of me; and hard.  Gino thrusts his big dick in and out of me while slapping my ass and saying, “You’re a dirty girl, tell me how to fuck you?

I don’t usually put a lot of thought into my responses because dirty talk is not really my thing, however I know its Gino’s and I want him to be turned on. I respond with, “Oh yeah I’m your dirty girl, I want you to fuck me with your big cock, you’re so fucking hard , fuck me baby, fuck me

This turns him on and he gets on the bed and says, “Ride this big cock

After 15-minutes of fucking, dirty talk and massive ass slapping… it happened.  As I am about to climax, he grabs my throat with his hand and says the three words no Cougar ever wants to hear from her Cub in the middle of sex – “Call me Daddy”.

Nooooooooo – why would you say that is all I can think.  On some level I wanted to laugh and say, “OMG I can’t believe you just said that”, and on another level I was thinking – “ugh… gross”.  Either way I was definitely not turned on at this point

He then proceeded to say it about four more times; “Call me Daddy”, Call Me Daddy, Call Me Daddy, Call me Daddy”.

I just could not bring myself to say that.  I kept riding him hoping he would cum and just forget about it, but – to make it worse – he began slapping my ass and saying it.

I had to think fast and just get this over with.  I hopped off his cock began to suck it and said “Oh baby cum all over my face”.

Within seconds I had a face full of cum.  This was not the happy ending I wanted, but a face full of cum was better than hearing, “Call me Daddy” one more time.

GL3I didn’t even address it with Gino because I wasn’t even sure what to say – “Oh hey idiot, the last thing a girl wants to think about is her dad when she’s fucking, ummm I’m old enough to be your mom why the fuck would I call you Daddy ….. or even what is even remotely hot about fucking your daughter?????

Yeah I get it; it’s just something to say – but not to your MILF.

This Cougar is all about making her Cub happy… but sometimes the piece of tail needs to put his tail in his mouth and just shut it….. wink-wink.


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