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Enclosure of the Soul


Written by – TJ Aguilera  (PROFILE/BIO:

You find someone you think is true, and fall in love with them. But the person has many walls built up. Try to reach through them and show how much you care, but the other is damaged and has a dark perception of the world. They don’t really show themselves.

ES1You’ve opened up and offered your heart as home. Although deep in the others mind, they realize how much love they are given; it doesn’t matter because their heart is too protected, but are happy knowing what‘s being given. They’re scared and resistant.

You love them so much. They became everything to you. At first looking to them as someone to make you happy, but ending up trying to be everything to make them happy instead. You lose yourself.

For some reason, as desperate as you attempt, they just can’t feel love and are floundering and unable to connect. It’s difficult to hold the hand inside someone who has yet to come to grips with themselves. They’re simply not ready; still blind. Sabotaging their own existence since they can’t see being lovable; so rejecting what’s offered.

That’s when you realize you will never get through to them, because they won’t let you in. They aren’t capable of loving back. What you thought was inside of them really isn’t there, but you love them anyway.

After it’s all said and done, you don’t think they knew how much you really wanted to care and how sincerely wanted to be the one to make them happy, and vice versa. They cause you nothing but hurt, but you love them for what and who they are; even being too broken and self-centered to appreciate being loved.

When you look at them you see nothing now because what you originally thought you saw doesn’t even really exist. This nothing becomes your truth. You have to remind yourself they can’t give back and are incapable of living up to expectations to even accept love.

They will never love another until they come to terms to love themselves.


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Holiday Songs Corrupting Christmas


Written by – TJ Aguilera  (PROFILE/BIO:

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus –

Real nice. Let’s teach infidelity to our children. Apparently Mommy had “Daddy Issues” growing up that she’s targeting older men to work out those repressed memories. Guess it beats being a stripper.


TJ1Frosty the Snow Man –

— Weren’t we taught not to talk to strangers as a kid? Enough said.


Santa Claus is coming to town –

— Fair warning that a Peeping-Tom will be stalking every move you make to know if you’re naughty or nice. Then give treats in a stocking and gifts if you do what he wants.  “Be a good little kid and get in the tinted window van now. I have lots of candy and a puppy for you!” That is if he doesn’t find you in the mall first so you can sit on his lap for a cheap thrill.


We three Kings of Orient Are –

—  Leave it to dudes to shop. Bringing the baby frankincense and myrrh to give him a potpourri asthma attack. Not to mention gold to choke on. And how long did it take them to get to Bethlehem following that star? Pfft… And people say women are bad with directions. Geez.


Up on the Housetop –

— Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick huh? Oh, so now we’re acceptable of breaking and entering. I suppose it is ok being a reverse scenario and he’s bringing instead of taking. Except the whole cookie thing snatching the treats.


The Twelve Days of Christmas –

TJ2– What kind of values is this teaching? Condoning greed and buying ones love. Just wrong I tell ya. Not to mention with this method, you’ll need to take a second mortgage out to buy all this crap.


Little Drummer Boy –

— That’s a real smart idea. Let’s bang a drum in a new born baby’s ear so he cries and cries and has anxiety. I’m sure Mary totally appreciated that. You have no gift to bring, so you choose to perform a rock concert for poor kid?

I’m sure there are more songs I can tear apart, but I won’t because you’ll be cracking up if you try to go out singing Christmas carols now.

Merry Ho Ho folks!!!


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Cougar Tales (EXPLICIT) – “Who Is Your What?”


Written by – Ginger Lynn  (MORE “Cougar Tales”:

To say I’ve had some great Cougar sex over the past 3-years would be an understatement.  I have had some awesome adventures and some of the best sex of my life.  I have definitely fucked outside the box and been satisfied about 98% of the time.

GL1There is always that 2% of strange that just throws you for a loop.

I’ve realized that sex is really about turning the guy on, which on any given day is not hard to do.  Let’s face it, if your guy is happy, he’s hard – and if he’s hard – you should be happy. Easy concept, so with that, you let the guy take the lead and see what makes him hard and go with it 100%.

So on with my tale.  I have had a great fuck buddy who is 22 now for over the past year.  We tend to hook up about two or three times a month, and – in true fuck buddy fashion – it is never planned and always after 1-am.

He comes over, we fuck like porn stars, and he leaves; it has always been hot and seductive… until recently.

Let’s call my fuck buddy “Gino” for lack of a better name, and he is Italian – so seems fitting.  Gino has always called me “His MILF” and he refers to himself as, “My young stud” – again if this is what turns him on, so be it.

I get my normal 2:00-am text from Gino, and like always it starts with, “Hey what’s up?

I respond with my normal, “I’m guessing you” (I think I’m funny)

After seven minutes of mindless texting, he is on his way to my house to give it to me.  Gino and I have done this enough times in the last year that we don’t waste any time getting to business.

Gino walks into my room to find me in just a thong and stiletto heels, like I said – we don’t waste time and that’s what he likes.  I greet him at the door where he grabs me and picks me up and I wrap my legs around him.

We aggressively kiss and bite on each other’s lips like animals, Gino is rock hard within a minute and I can feel his dick pushing on me through his jeans.

I release my legs and in just a thong and stilettos I squat down and slowly unbutton his pants and drop them to his ankles.  I stand back up so I can massage his huge cock in my hand while Gino grabs a handful of my hair and says, “Suck my cock”.

GL2Like I said earlier, it’s about what turns HIM on, and talking dirty does it for Gino.  I proceed to take his boxers off and say, “oh yeah baby, I want that big cock down my throat”.

I drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth ‘til it’s so hard he has to fuck me.

Gino grabs my hair and pulls me up off of his dick; he turns me around and bends me over the bed.

You want this big cock?  Tell me how you want it?

Of course – knowing what is going to turn him on – I respond, “Oh I want your big dick, fuck me, fuck me good”.

… and that’s what Gino does best – he fucks the shit out of me; and hard.  Gino thrusts his big dick in and out of me while slapping my ass and saying, “You’re a dirty girl, tell me how to fuck you?

I don’t usually put a lot of thought into my responses because dirty talk is not really my thing, however I know its Gino’s and I want him to be turned on. I respond with, “Oh yeah I’m your dirty girl, I want you to fuck me with your big cock, you’re so fucking hard , fuck me baby, fuck me

This turns him on and he gets on the bed and says, “Ride this big cock

After 15-minutes of fucking, dirty talk and massive ass slapping… it happened.  As I am about to climax, he grabs my throat with his hand and says the three words no Cougar ever wants to hear from her Cub in the middle of sex – “Call me Daddy”.

Nooooooooo – why would you say that is all I can think.  On some level I wanted to laugh and say, “OMG I can’t believe you just said that”, and on another level I was thinking – “ugh… gross”.  Either way I was definitely not turned on at this point

He then proceeded to say it about four more times; “Call me Daddy”, Call Me Daddy, Call Me Daddy, Call me Daddy”.

I just could not bring myself to say that.  I kept riding him hoping he would cum and just forget about it, but – to make it worse – he began slapping my ass and saying it.

I had to think fast and just get this over with.  I hopped off his cock began to suck it and said “Oh baby cum all over my face”.

Within seconds I had a face full of cum.  This was not the happy ending I wanted, but a face full of cum was better than hearing, “Call me Daddy” one more time.

GL3I didn’t even address it with Gino because I wasn’t even sure what to say – “Oh hey idiot, the last thing a girl wants to think about is her dad when she’s fucking, ummm I’m old enough to be your mom why the fuck would I call you Daddy ….. or even what is even remotely hot about fucking your daughter?????

Yeah I get it; it’s just something to say – but not to your MILF.

This Cougar is all about making her Cub happy… but sometimes the piece of tail needs to put his tail in his mouth and just shut it….. wink-wink.


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Fear of the Unknown


Written by – TJ Aguilera  (PROFILE/BIO:

Throughout life we meet many people who inspire us emotionally; provoking and instilling thoughts of future possibilities together.

FU1There are times that this happens with others we meet where sadly we come to think they are too far away in distance to further pursue. You meet, it sparks, you have a good time together, and then life goes back to your normal routine.

This may be a summer fling, someone you met on a business trip, maybe while in the military meeting a native resident in another country when deployed, or even on vacation.

The fairness is NONE.

Of all the available prospects in the world, amongst the millions, the one that you just so happen to find to be a suitable match ends of being inconvenient to how your life is structured – AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME.

We have obligations we assume cannot be adjusted to move forward with the person such as your career and children, maybe even your education. The costs of travel to maintain that relationship can become financially consuming. Taking off work is difficult being most are only granted a certain amount of earned vacation time. Time spent with your children may be altered to go out of town to visit the person of interest.

Your efforts put forth to arrange your visits can be stressful. It’s demanding to make time for each other.

When you finally get to see each other your time is blissful. When you leave each other it’s despairingly heartbreaking not knowing when you’ll see each other again.

It could end up failing unless one of you uproot your life or make changes to keep being a significant part of each other’s.

Do we really have to be stuck with the people within our own city to choose from when the options are limitless across your state, your region, hell the whole country??

Unfortunately for most, their analysis of that would be a disturbing YES.

So one must ask – What is the purpose that this wonderful person was put into your life, just so you can be disheartened that it seems impossible to make it “happen”?

FU2The only answer I can come up with to this ponder is to make you think about your direction in life and what is important to you, and what you are willing to sacrifice for another to join together on the possibility of solely a WHAT IF basis.

WHAT IF you can’t find a job when if you move by them?

WHAT IF this compromises the quality development with your children?

WHAT IF it just flat doesn’t work out?

Are you willing to take these risks on a “WHAT IF”?

Well I’m here to tell you; there’s a gamble taken with any relationship you encounter. There is always the UNKNOWN. That’s with anything in life you strive for regardless how to plot and plan your future endeavors.

So WHY NOT go for it? WHY NOT try it out?

We should go for ALL THINGS in life we feel will make us happy.

WHAT IF you regret NOT trying?

REGRET is part of the UNKNOWN. Living with regret can be worse than heartbreak.

We may have answers to the previous question — What is the purpose that this wonderful person was put into your life, just so you can be disheartened that it seems impossible to make it “happen”?

WHAT IF the purpose was for something greater in life, and meeting that person was the stepping stone to get you there?

WHAT IF your dream job awaits you?

WHAT IF the school system in another area offers more opportunity for your child’s future?

WHAT IF it wasn’t supposed to last after all, but that relationship was the beginning of your unknown destiny to get you where you needed to be?

WHAT IF you never know?

Can you live with regretting the unknown of what you may be missing out on?

It’s all quite unpredictable. That’s the risk. But in all reality, you take the same risk with those you have relationships with in your own zip code.

You can’t predict if they’ll die on you and you’re stuck with a mortgage and children you cannot afford to take care of on your own.

You can’t predict if they’ll cheat on you and leave you high and dry.

FU3You can’t predict if the company you work for in your current city for will lay you off.

We are only human, and despite the geographic area individuals reside, we all fear the ongoing list of what if’s and unknowns of the exact same things regarding relationships.

So sometimes it’s ok to take a chance on the unknown with people. If you don’t, you may regret missing the opportunities in life you didn’t even know existed – Those that you are yet to know.


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Fantasies (EXPLICIT!!!)

Twenty years ago I had started banging this guy and, since it was so long ago, I can’t remember his name for the life of me, not that it’s important.

However, he left an impression on me that I have carried with me…

This one night, I had gone over there and did what we did best…FUCKED. We didn’t finish because his friends had come over, so he promised me that we’d finish later on.

We went out into the living room and smoked some Mary Jane, for medicinal purposes – of course – and just shot the shit. I stood up to go to the bathroom and was followed by two of his friends. They allowed me to pee, but then shut off the lights and started to manhandle me. I was a little confused and scared and A LOT high and started hollering for my fuck buddy.

BF1I finally got free and went to his bedroom where I told him “thanks for the help. Im outta here”.

I had made it to my car when he comes flying out of the house, butt-ass naked, put me over his shoulder and carried me into his room, while reminding me that we hadn’t finished.

By this time, I was laughing hysterically, and relaxed. Thank you MJ.

As he started fucking me up against the wall, his friends started filing in.  He looked at me and asked me if it was ok that they watched and I agreed, surprising myself.

As we carried on, his friends started moving closer to us, cock in hand.  Me, being me – always the helpful one – put my hands out to offer my assistance. I was now the star of this gang bang. I had cock all around me, one in each hand, one in my mouth and one fucking the living shit out of me, while one waited his turn on the side.

As they all took their turn, once they were to the point of release, they shoved it into my mouth and let me drink from them, greedily. By the time we finished, my pussy was aching and satisfied and my mouth was full of 5-guys’ cum.

This was my first experience into the world of fantasy… that was made into a reality before I ever fantasized about it. It just awes me because who would’ve thought lil’ ol’ dorky me would be pulled into this kind of sexual scene at this magnitude.

Not I.

As the years went on, more fantasies started to become reality because I made it so. I’ve got a fucked up mind and must rid myself of some of these before moving on.

My gang bang turned me into an exhibitionist. I’ve enjoyed the  fuck out of threesomes, been fucked in dark alleys, in the woods of state parks, in the boat in the middle of the lake and on that lonely island out there with boats sailing all around us.

I went on to my vampirism fetish. It’s pretty difficult to find someone whom you can trust and isn’t a pussy to allow you to drink his blood while he’s fucking you senseless, but not impossible. I’ve also opened myself up to the world of swinging, and have had oral, giving and receiving, in the middle of a dance room while total strangers watched.

Granted, I haven’t done any swinging with anyone, but I was there…does that count?

There are so many fetishes out there. Some are a bit taboo and some are just downright illegal, but as long as it doesn’t involve kids or animals…what’s stopping you from making it reality?

I will share with you two of mine that are remaining.

BF2The first one, I’ve held onto for so long, because well…once again…can’t find anyone to help a girl out on this one. I’ve always wanted to orgasm on a rollercoaster. I want to go upside down and squirt all over everyone.

Some of you say, “ew”, but some are thinking “yum”. Let’s face it, you are reading this and continue to follow theKMFP website.

My second one, which I just came up with last week while listening to the porn channel on SIRIUSFM, is to fuck while skydiving.

I googled that shit to see if it were possible…and guess what???? IT IS!!!!


Until the next time….DREAM BIG!


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Toy Box

Ladies, have you ever had a guy get jealous of your toys? Men, do you wish your girls would play with more toys?

TB1I guess I’ve been on both sides. I’ve had guys buy me my own personal toy box, with regular contributions made on both sides.

Some of them didn’t work out so well. I had one guy who thought he knew what to do with a riding crop. Yes, I love my pain, but not the type where the metal is getting slammed into my clit.  Again, I prefer the pretty marks left upon my skin.

Don’t worry, I will keep this relatively painless – or normal – whatever that is.

Boys, er…men, it is totally ok for your girl to get off on something other than your fingers, tongue, or cock. Besides, if you’re away for more than 3-days (1-day in my case), wouldn’t you prefer she used BOB?

Ladies…let’s bring some spark back into the bedroom. I think it’s fun watching your guy work harder, if he knew that he wasn’t pleasing you all the way. I mean, seriously, 2-thrusts and pfffffft…fizzle. We’re left wanting for more and he’s already sawing logs on the other side of the bed.

REALLY???? I’ve had a couple of guys leaving me wanting more, and I had no problem finishing myself off, much to their chagrin.

So let’s put away those Altoids and focus on cheaper means.

Ice: used for oral on both sides and to make nipples hard as shit. Makes it easier to nibble or bite those girls.

Mini massagers: you can find these in the pharmacy section of your local drug store. Used for tight muscles. Not in my case…that bitch stays in the car with me. Nothing like driving through construction sites and having an orgasm, with your windows down.

O-rings or tiny rubber bands: I’ve mentioned this before. Ladies…your men’s nipples are sensitive as well. They don’t like to admit it, but these can be used both ways.

Ropes or handcuffs:  I don’t particularly like the cold metal digging into my wrist bones, but I do have a true story. The first time I was arrested, I asked the cop how one gets comfortable in those things. His reply, “you don’t… however, if I must come out a 2nd-time, I’ll be sure to bring my fur lined cuffs.”

Totally inappropriate, but me being me, I giggled and thanked him AND I was allowed to ride in the front seat!

Hitachi wand:  OOOOOH EMMMMM GEEEEEEE…’nuff said

TB2Ben Wa Balls: not just used for sexual purposes. *GASP*. Also used to strengthen your kegel and pelvic floor muscles. Get some with a string attached, especially if you’re alone. It can be difficult removing those. If they did their job, things can be quite slickery.

Guys, play with your girls…ladies, allow them to.

You menfolk can still have total control with these things. The Hitachi wand was always used on me for forced orgasms and withholding orgasms. Same with everything I mentioned.

As I’ve said before, I shoot erotica. Some call it porn, but erotica is only capturing the facial expressions from getting off. My shit is for real. I often wonder how many wives know who to thank when their photog hubby comes home and has amazing sex with her.

One more thing, before I finish this off. I purchased a TENS unit for my back, and other purposes. I’ll update you on that contraption when I use it for my needs.

Until then, take a look around your house and have fun with some of those items. And remember, boiling water will get that stuff clean for next use.


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What IS Kink?

What IS Kink? – by Beth

To the average “vanilla” person, it’s using the feather. In my world, it’s using the whole fuckin’ chicken.

K1No, I’m not into bestiality by any means, but I also am not allowed to do things halfway, either. When reading this, keep in mind, my kink is not yours and your kink is not mine.

… however, I’ll be the last to tell you you’re wrong unless it involves children.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Beth. I am a nude/erotica/fetish model. Beyond that, I’m an owned slave, a kajira, in the world of Gor.

Furthermore, I’m a masochist, a pain slut, also called a sam (smart ass masochist).

As I’ve said, I am owned. My ropes and chains make me free. Y’all are saying “hogwash”, but allow me to put it into perspective.

Bedroom bondage… the type that many of you have tried already.

By the way, you can purchase pretty soft Japanese rope at Dr. Johns. I, however, prefer the cheaper stuff at Lowes or Home Depot because it ties so much tighter and it comes in different colors and leaves oh so pretty marks on my skin.

You are tied up; you can’t do anything to stop what is happening to you. You are free to leave your godforsaken inhibitions at the door. Cum… cum a lot… don’t stop. Men love that shit. Add a blindfold into the mix and ohhhhh my goooooodddnessssss…. you have no idea what just hit you.

LET IT GO!!!! And I don’t mean Disney queen style.

Moving on…as I’ve said, I am a pain slut. I figured this out back around 2005-06 when I received my first piercing in my nether regions.

Yes… she said “FIRST”.

K2I was terrified, but I went through with it. As soon as the ball was screwed on, he fucked the shit outta’ me; juices flowing all over the table. My endorphin high wasn’t going to wane until I got off… multiple times.

My 2nd-piercing down yonder, was pretty much the same thing, however, he added itty-bitty rubber bands to my nipples. Once again, the ball was screwed on, he flipped the rubber bands off with his mouth and bit into my nipple before fuckin my wanting, soaked pussy.

… this time there was blood involved, which we’ll touch on at another time.

On that note, I will leave y’all wanting for more.

Be safe, sane and consensual in the bedroom, the kitchen, living room, outside… wherever you decide to get your rocks off.


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Bras Are The Devil

I hate bras. No, I take that back. I DESPISE bras.

BD1Bobby, that-that woman (Vicki Vallencourt) is the devil.

Naw bitch. She’s not the devil mama. BRAS ARE!!!

And I like Vicki, and she like me back! And she showed me her boobies and I like them too!



This bra is too loose

This bra is too tight

No bra fits juuuuust right!!

It is so damn time consuming in the venture to get a sufficient fit for comfort.

Unfortunately, that never happens when your chest feels asphyxiated like a mummy from compression of a bra.

Such a vast variety to choose from that all seem to serve their own unique purpose.

Here you find one that you can compromise your breathing capability with, and tolerate – as far as a semi-decent fit – but the lining is so thin, your nipples poke out like the temperature popper on a Thanksgiving turkey when done.



I’ll tell you what pisses me off.

The other day I was waltzing around Walmart initially to make a purchase of yummies for a BBQ the next day.  As I’m zig-zagging between aisles towards the food section, I pass by a rack of bras for $3.96 on clearance.

Hold up!!! What do I see? I picked up THE SAME BRA that I bought at Victoria Secret on a 2 for $49.50 sale. HEATED!!!

Needless to say Victoria Secret IS NOT going to be too thrilled about the $150-return ofbrassieres they’re in for. (I bought 6-bras. Do the math.)

Moral of the story is you don’t need an overpriced fancy name on the item for it to accommodate your needs of a titty-holster.

Somewhere in Cambodia there is one factory full of 10-yr. olds stitching the same textile and separately putting various name brand labels on them at the end of the assembly line.

BD3Which price do you really want to pay?



Sister sizes. What the hell is this crap all about anyway?

So I for example (yes I’m putting this out there) am measured at a 36D.

BUT if the bra I ironically want is not available in that size, either a 34DD or a 38C will be equivalent.

Now I don’t know what mathematician decided this is the rule, but if I take a measuring tape around my torso and it say 36 inches, how in the fuck do I lose 2 inches and gain plumper tits to fill a larger cup because the store is out of my measurement?

Or my back all of the sudden magically becomes broader and I lose fatness in my tits for less of a cup.




Pointless for big-breasted women because they squeeze the ta-tas like a boa constrictor and boobage is buldging out making you look like you seriously don’t know how to shop for a bra.

These bras can also be a total disappointment to men because when the woman takes the bra off she may either look like a teenage boy… or a cow whose saggy udders are ready to be milked.

What sucks is – ironically – push-ups just so happen to have the sexiest designs with this style of bra. Maybe it’s to disguise being a titty-trickster when taking it off in the heat of the moment to distract the guy from reality with the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful garment.

Doubt it.



BD2They are uncomfortable as hell. People who make wire bras should all die a horrible death due to this discomfort. A man probably created them like high heels to be spiteful and torture women.

They painfully rub in the armpit and leave chafe marks under your breast. Not to mention the pressure digging in on the ribcage of the wire makes you nauseous and gives you heartburn from the tightness.



Small tits – nothing to hold bra on, falls down.

Big tits – boobs too heavy, bra falls down.

This bra is made just to frustrate us. Enough said.



Many women feel they are now exempt from bra wearing with their new bubbly boobies that won’t really bounce. Give it a few years of no bra wearing and they will start to though.

This is because eventually gravity will still come into play and the weight of the water balloons will pull the skin and stretch like Gumby (skin is only so elastic ya’ know). This is especially true if you fluctuate in weight.

So now we’re back to the cow udder dilemma from not wearing a bra because you thought your credit approved; due to no insurance plan covering cosmetic surgery of new perky tits were invincible against Newton’s law of physical weighted objects to fall toward the ground.

I am the bearer of bad news here. You still need to wear the damn bra, oh ye enhanced ladies.

The bonus though about getting breast implants on credit is even if you don’t make your payment on time; no one can take them from you like they can your car or house upon default!!!

It’s not like the repo man is gonna’ come and take a boob ‘til you catch payments up. Or better yet, come partially deflate one or both depending on the percentage in amount of payment you’re behind on.

When you pay up, we’ll fill ‘em back up!



When it’s all said and done, unfortunately, the bra that won’t make you feel like a slave in a harness and that will give the best support, not ride up your back, nor worry about the straps self-adjusting that slide down your shoulder as you move, will be the ugliest most unappealing bra in existence.

BD4I’m talking about the bra that matches granny panties that would be worn during a violent menstrual cycle, and that you can toss out all thought of ever getting laid in.

You know the one.

I’d say good luck finding a bra you like that fits well, but winning the lottery has a higher probability of happening.


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Obscenity Legally Defined

Many dispute as to what constitutes as obscenity.

OD1But did you know in order to legally be considered “obscene”, the criteria making something as such must pass a 3 Prong Obscenity Test referred to as the MILLER TEST?

The name is derived from the landmark United States Supreme Court case of Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973).

In an overview of the case, the defendant mailed brochures that contained pictures of sexually explicit activities to individuals who had not requested the material, and the individuals notified the police.

After a trial, defendant was convicted of violating California Penal Code § 311.2(a) by knowingly distributing obscene matter.

The Court defined the standards (used currently still today) that were to be used to identify obscene material that a state might regulate without infringing on the First Amendment, applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment.

This is where the 3 Prong Test comes into play for the basic guidelines as how The Court held the standard to determine whether material was obscene:

(a) whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, not national standards, taken as a whole, would find that the work predominantly appealed to the prurient interest,

(b) whether the work depicted or portrayed sexual conduct in a patently offensive way specifically defined by applicable state law, and

(c) whether the work, taken as a whole,  lacked serious scientific, literary, artistic, political, or value. (SLAP value)


Let’s clarify some things, starting with part (a) –

First, prurient interest is otherwise that which is sexually arousing, or appealing to have lustful and lascivious sexual desire.

Secondly, let’s look at contemporary community and national standards applied by the average person.

Who is the average person”, you may ask?

When an “average person” is asked to apply contemporary community standards when considering if the material is prurient, the material must not be aimed at a deviant group of jurors so not judged by a susceptible or sensitive person, but that of the average person instead.

Juries are to apply contemporary community standards of the State, and not some hypothetical or unascertainable standard of the entire United States of America.

To require a State to structure obscenity proceedings around evidence of a “national community standard” would be an exercise in futility as pointless or useless because people in different States vary in their tastes and attitudes, and this diversity is not to be strangled by the absolutism of imposed uniformity.

If using “national” standards, this would imply that materials found tolerable in some places, but not under the “national” criteria, will nevertheless be unavailable where they are acceptable.

This would then leave potential for suppression of a single nationwide standard in terms of danger to free expression as the same in accordance with local tastes.


OD2Clarification in (b) –

The phrase “patently offensive” first appeared in the case of Roth v. United States, 354 U.S. 476 (1957), that Miller cites within, referring to any obscene acts or materials that are considered to be openly, plainly, or clearly visible as offensive to the viewing public.

–  Patently offensive representations or descriptions of ultimate sexual acts, normal or perverted, actual or simulated.

–  Patently offensive representations or descriptions of masturbation, excretory functions, and lewd exhibition of the genitals.

The material discussed in this case is more accurately defined as “pornography” or “pornographic material.”

“Pornography” derives from the Greek (porne, harlot, and graphos, writing).

According to Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, the word now means:

1: a description of prostitutes or prostitution.

2: a depiction (as in writing or painting) of licentiousness or lewdness: a portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement.

Pornographic material which is obscene forms a sub-group of all “obscene” expression, but not the whole, at least as the word “obscene” is now used in our language.

The words “obscene material,” as used in this case, has a specific judicial meaning which derives from the Roth case, of obscene material “which deals with sex.”

It is presumed “obscenity” is to be “utterly without redeeming social importance,” and that to prove obscenity it must be affirmatively established that the material is “utterly without redeeming social value.”


Clarification in (c) –

For example of “lacking” – a shameful or morbid interest in nudity, sex, or excretion, which goes substantially beyond customary limits of candor in description or representation of such matters and is matter which is utterly without redeeming social importance.

“Serious in scientific, literary, artistic, or political value” can be broken down this way:

Something of a social value, as implied by the four types mentioned, would be that of resources allocated and used for the collective benefit to a community.

Scientific means would be for medical, anatomy, or educational purposes.

Literary works of writing, in general, focuses on the subjects of the narrative to create “introspective, in-depth character studies” of “interesting, complex and developed” characters.

Artistic would be showing the appreciation or sensitivity of beauty through imagination and skill.

Political is in the sense of being uses as a point of view, or argument that is particular to being privileged that passes strict scrutiny standards.



So in a nutshell, obscene material is unprotected by the first Amendment.

There are inherent dangers in undertaking to regulate any form of expression. State statutes designed to regulate obscene materials must be carefully limited, and it appears that local, and not national, norms of what’s considered to be acceptable conduct make those statutes.

As a result, the permissible scope of such regulation is confined to works which depict or describe sexual conduct. That conduct must be specifically defined by the applicable state law, as written or authoritatively construed, as well as not having social value to the community.


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Cougar Tales – “Movie Sex”

We have all seen it on the big screen and sat there watching and thinking to ourselves, “Really – people meet in a bar talk for like 5-min and then are fucking in the bathroom stall?

GL1When you’re young and do that, you’re a slut – but as I have grown into my own sexual freedom of being a Cougar, I like to refer to encounters like that as, the “Movie Sex” moments… which sound way better than being a slut.

My first movie sex moment was better than the movies.

In all of my Cougar Confidence I had actually met a guy at a bar – the bartender of course – he was a young, hot, Italian guy with gorgeous blue eyes and biceps the size of my thighs (he moonlighted as a bartender and did personal training during the day).

He was 24 and tired of the drunk girls his age hitting on him.  We struck up a very superficial conversation that evening and it ended with me giving him my number at 1:00-am.

Who really does that?  Or you meet a stranger across the crowded room and eye-fuck the shit out of them only to run into them later in the alley and hike up your dress and just take it, highly unlikely.

At 1:05-am, I received my first text from the Bartender who we will now refer to as “Flannigan” simply for the fact that Tom Cruise played that bartender Brian Flannigan, and he was hot – no other real connection – but I digress.

Flannigan had closed the bar and was wondering where I had gone – I simply stated that I was wondering around Soulard trying to figure out my next move.  Flannigan quickly suggested that I meet him at his house for a drink and we could figure things out together.

With no real plans and 3-buddies that had ditched me, I thought – “what the heck, he’s hot!!”

I arrived at Flannigan’s place about 10-minutes later.  Before leaving my vehicle, I decided to ditch my panties – I had on 4-inch heels and a short skirt, panties would just be in the way at this point.

I made my short walk down the city street and stopped in front of his house.

I walked up to the door and knocked – Flannigan opened the door in nothing but a pair of jeans, god his pecks were as toned and as huge as his biceps.  I would say my panties were soaked at this point, but I had none on.

Before Flannigan could make a move or invite me in or say a word for that matter, I made my move.

I grabbed his hands and pulled him out onto the front porch.  I put his hands on my ass and wrapped my leg around his waist.  It took Flannigan about 1.5-seconds to start kissing my neck and rubbing my ass, and about 3.5-seconds for me to feel his throbbing cock through his jeans up against my bare pussy.


As he was groping and grabbing me all over, I unbuttoned his pants and unleashed the beast.

My hand could barely hold onto it due to its massive size. Flannigan’s pants dropped to his ankles and my skirt went to my waist – with one high heeled foot on the ground and the other wrapped around his waist, Flannigan slipped his massive dick into my hot, wet pussy – right on the front porch .

He pushed me up against the front of the house and continued to thrust himself into me for a good 10-minutes.

I could feel my ass cheeks getting brick burn, but I didn’t care.  I could feel nothing but his massive dick in me and the heat from the front porch light making him sweat.

Flannigan then picked me up with his massive dick still in me and opened the door and walked me inside. He dropped me down on the couch and continued to thrust me for another 20-minutes.

There was sweat dripping off his brow, moans of sheer pleasure coming from me as he bit my neck and fucked me till I came, and not one word had been spoken this entire time, not even a “hello”.

And then the words came, “oh shit – my roommate is home- we have to sneak you out the back door.

Well good thing I still had on all my clothes and shoes and didn’t need to find my panties.  Flannigan quickly pulled up his pants and grabbed my arm and pulled me into the back part of his house, where he just said, “shhhh”.

As the front door opened, he opened the back door – he quietly whispered, “Don’t say a word please, just sneak out to the front, I’ll text you later”.

I snuck out the back and made sure the coast was clear and headed to my car unseen.  Funny part is, it never even dawned on me why we had to hide from his roommate – the whole experience of fucking on the porch and then quickly exiting the scene was so damn hot that I didn’t give it a second thought.


The next day I got a text verbatim from Flannigan, “Last night was so hot, sorry I had to rush you out – my roommate is my girlfriend, let’s do it again soon

OMG I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I replayed the “Movie Sex” encounter in my head as I deleted his number.

… because in my movies, this Cougar takes “Best Leading Actor in a Role”, not “Best Supporting Actor in a Role” – wink wink!!


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