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Chasing the Sunset

Some time ago, the sun peaked ever so slightly above the Eastern horizon. Doctors shouted orders, nurses hustled about the maternity ward and a woman I would call “Mom” gave one final push. The sun rose on my day. In the early morning infancy, I behaved like all others. I smeared my face with food, trying to find my mouth. Cruised around coffee tables and chairs, getting the courage to walk upright without the help of that “mom” lady. Minutes ticked away. School … [Read More...]

the KMFP


What’s YOUR Story?

I’ve never been much of an appeaser, as it’s just not my speed, and – as I’ve touched on before, most definitely not in my writing. I sit down and I unload the shit that resides in my jacked-up skull, with little a never mind for how it will be received, or certainly for what “language” I use in conveying it.  I simply have a thought or an opinion, and I then exercise my therapeutic means of dealing with it. Sure, it’s nice when you people share my musings, or site … [Read More...]

“Flammable” Content


Step Off, Granny!

I seriously almost hardcore throat-punched a little old lady on accident about an hour ago...and then almost again a few minutes later on purpose! I was loading up the Jeep with my bags o' goodies … [Read More...]



Snow Day More Pay

When I was younger, my brother Don and I were constantly trying to make more money. I saved my birthday, Christmas, and Tooth Fairy money to buy delicious sugary treats from the gas station … [Read More...]

“Mommy Moments”



The ABC's of parenting toddlers, tweens, and everything in between: Please allow me to share with you some nuggets of information, some funny, some sincere, some downright ridiculous, but all … [Read More...]

Barbara Anne


I Said Forever?

You have got to look past the junk, and see the treasure. How many ways are there to spin this? I heard this in a movie the other day, and the original context there was looking at a bunch of … [Read More...]

Be My Guest


Conversations with MY Mother

As hard as it is to come to terms with, I realize that my talent alone cannot carry this site, though I’ll never quite understand that… Aside from what I feel is already a first-rate staff, I’d … [Read More...]

The Life of Brian


Letting Go

My fellow fifth-graders and I at Progress South Elementary were all abuzz.  The classroom was bursting with even more energy than usual. Today, we would be starting our class project.  Each of the … [Read More...]

Dueling Pianos


Review – “Sabotage”

One movie… two reviews. Will they agree… will they disagree… will they MF each other and take this “Dueling Pianos” section to “must read” status in no time at all? Hell, I don’t know – what I … [Read More...]

collage no names