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Rearview Mirrors

  Written by – Mikey-B  (Profile/Bio: I consider myself to be overall, a lucky man. Where others have had demons such as drug abuse, I’ve been able to sidestep these landmines. That’s not to say I haven’t had my share of troubles, in fact I’ve navigated my way through some valleys … [Read More...]

the KMFP


Dating Mrs. MFP

  Written by – KMFP  (Profile/Bio: She was “sold” the proverbial “bill of goods” I suppose, in that all she had witnessed of me was limited to a few minutes in passing in a shared workplace at a local restaurant – where I generally had the clown makeup on in full force. I was “on” at … [Read More...]

Be My Guest


My Hero

As hard as it is to come to terms with, I realize that my talent alone cannot carry this site, though I’ll never quite understand that… Aside from what I feel is already a first-rate staff, I’d … [Read More...]

“Mommy Moments”


Time Marches On…

  Written by – Miss Meza  (Miss Meza Profile/Bio: Not so long ago I started writing this column celebrating and lamenting life as a wife and mother … [Read More...]

Barbara Anne


Do Be Do Be Do

  Written by – Barbara Anne  (PROFILE/BIO: Do – or Be? Do you “Do”?  Or do you “Be”? Have you considered that?  When people ask you what you … [Read More...]




  Written by – Jennifer Harbaugh  (ARCHIVES: I recently found out that being lactose intolerant was a genetic advancement. Before hearing this absolutely … [Read More...]

“Flammable” Content


“Conversations With Mother” – Crapberry

  Written by - Heili Flammable  (PROFILE/BIO: We're out at a benefit over the weekend and Mom gets her phone out and places it on the … [Read More...]

The Life of Brian


Rock On

Tonight, I’m going to a rock concert. That’s right.  Me. The last actual concert by a rock band (not including my favorite local groups like Lucy’s Palace, Superjam, and Dance Floor Riot) I … [Read More...]

Dueling Pianos


Review – “Sabotage”

One movie… two reviews. Will they agree… will they disagree… will they MF each other and take this “Dueling Pianos” section to “must read” status in no time at all? Hell, I don’t know – what I … [Read More...]

collage no names